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Full curved lashes and an expressive look are every woman's dream. J & B Lashes supports you in making this wish come true for your customers. As experts in artificial eyelashes, we have made it our business to make looks enchanting and to bring out the beauty of the eyes.

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In our eyelash extension shop, eyelash stylists will find everything their heart desires: in addition to a large selection of artificial eyelashes, eyelash extensions and eyelash fans in different sizes, lengths, colours and thicknesses, you will of course also find the right accessories for an all-round professional eyelash extension.

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In addition to the popular Silk and Mink Lashes, we offer Flat Lashes as well as Super Soft Ellipse Flat Lashes (Double Tips).Our volume lashes, HD lashes and flat lashes are available in the Curl C, D, U as well as the diameters 0.03 - 0.05 - 0.07 - 0.10 - 0.15 - 0.20 mm. Professional eyelash extensions require the right care. We offer everything you need for the beautification of your customers' eyes: From gel eye pads to fine microbrushes to microfibre cleaning sticks and mascara eyelash brushes. As a shop for eyelash extensions, we know how important the right equipment is. That's why we supply everything you need for eyelash extensions, such as trough pads, primers, remover, eyelash tweezers, eyelash glue and much more.

Premium eyelash extensions at fantastically low prices

Are you an eyelash stylist and would like to expand your range to include premium eyelash articles? Then J & B Lashes is the right place for you. We stand for first-class eyelash products at fair prices. As one of the leading shops for eyelash extensions, we pay attention to high quality standards and a first-class price-performance ratio. With us as experts in eyelash extensions, you benefit from a diverse product selection, individual advice and lightning-fast shipping.

With J & B Lashes, you can help your customers achieve elegant, natural lashes and beautiful, expressive eyes.

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