Brow Lifting for perfectly shaped eyebrows

Eyebrow lifting or eyebrow lamination is a method suitable for treating and beautifying unsatisfactory eyebrows. It doesn’t matter if the eyebrows are wavy, bushy, stubborn or growing unattractively: This treatment brings the eyebrows into shape and eliminates or conceals irregularities such as waves or gaps. The lamination of the eyebrows is also suitable for particularly fine hairs that do not grow well. The eyebrows are lifted upwards and appear fuller, longer and you can create the natural bushy look that everyone wants. The treatment is completely painless for the client and does not require any colour or microblading.

With the Brow Lifting – as with the well-known eyelash lift – the individual hairs are strengthened so that the desired eyelash shape can be maintained for several weeks. In addition, the eyebrows are made malleable so that they can be easily combed and styled in any desired direction. Brow Lifting is especially suitable for people with narrow brows or very fine hair.

Brow Lifting even defies swimming

Brow Lifting allows your clients to shine with perfect eyebrows around the clock. It also helps to restore and strengthen the structure of the hair. Thanks to the vitamin complex and the nourishing ingredients of the products used, the eyebrows are optimally cared for. The result lasts an average of six to eight weeks and gradually fades with the natural renewal of the eyebrows. One of the biggest advantages of Brow Lifting is also that no special aftercare is required and the treatment effortlessly withstands external influences such as water, sweat, tears or swimming and the eyebrows are not damaged in any way.

How does the Brow Lifting work?

First of all, the shape of the customer’s eyebrows should be analysed in detail. The shape of the growth as well as the thickness and fullness of the hairs are important. The natural growth form of the eyebrows should serve as a template and should be maintained during the treatment. Bushy and natural eyebrows are currently in fashion. Narrow plucked eyebrows that are traced with a line are a thing of the past. Some excess hairs that do not correspond to the natural shape are nevertheless removed.

During the actual Brow Lifting, fine hairs are now bent upwards so that they become more visible. In addition, particularly fine hairs that would otherwise be visually lost in the brow are fixed in this shape and contribute to a fuller look of the eyebrow.

What products are used for the Brow Lift?

At the beginning of the Brow Lifting, the eyebrows are brushed in the desired direction and fixed. The Brow Lifting adhesive is applied to the eyebrows in a thin layer with the help of a microbrush stick to ensure the best possible adhesion. This quick-drying, water-soluble adhesive ensures that each individual hair of the eyebrow remains in the desired position during the treatment.

A generous amount of Brow Perming Lotion is then applied to the eyebrows. The lotion should be applied quickly so that the application time is about the same on both sides. Afterwards, carefully remove the remains of the Brow Straightener with a cleansing tip.

Fixing Lotion and Brow Care Gel for professional brow lifting

The Brow Fixing Lotion is applied directly after the Brow Perming Lotion. This is also applied to the eyebrows and removed with a cleansing tip after the application time. Afterwards, the excess adhesive residue should be removed with a cotton pad and the Brow Care Gel applied to improve the growth and density of the hairs. Thanks to the valuable ingredients, lost vitamins and moisture are returned to the eyebrow hair.