The best lash lift products from J&B Lashes.

In our lash lift category, you’ll find all the products you need to give your customers the perfect eye look. After all, beautifully curved eyelashes instantly add expression to the eyes and make the face look more awake – without the need for mascara. At J&B Lashes, we provide you with the necessary products such as lotions, lifting adhesives, primers, lash shampoo, silicone pads and much more, so that you can perform a high-quality eyelash lift.

Unlike eyelash curling, lash lifting involves placing small curved lid-shaped silicone pads on the eyelid. This bends the eyelashes upwards at the ideal angle and keeps them curled for up to eight weeks. The advantage here is that with eyelash lifting, the natural eyelashes, in contrast to eyelash curling, are lifted directly at the base and appear visually longer in comparison.

With the best lash lift products for the perfect eye look

Do you already know our Lash Botox Gold? This product for lash lifting actively supports the growth of the eyelashes and increases hair density with its valuable active ingredients. This intensive treatment for Lash Lifting is applied before our Keratin & Collagen Laminate. The serum contains the most valuable active ingredients and restores the lost vitamins as well as moisture to the lash hair.

In order to carry out a professional eyelash extension or lash lift, it is essential to first thoroughly cleanse the natural eyelashes and prepare them for the upcoming treatment. To remove grease and cosmetic residues from the natural lashes, it is best to use our Primer or Lash Shampoo.

Professional lash lifting with high-quality lash lifting products

In addition to our lotions and lash lifting sets, you can also get the popular silicone pads for lifting the lashes in this category. After application, the eyelashes appear significantly longer as they are lifted from the base and thus achieve a glamorous eye look.

Of course, you will also find products for keratin eyelash lifting. We always work with carefully manufactured eyelash lift products and pay attention to carefully tested ingredients. Nevertheless, it can happen that an eyelash lift causes a loss of keratin. Keratin is known as the miracle protein for great hair. And of course, this also applies to eyelashes. The keratin lash lift is suitable for anyone who wants fuller, thicker lashes for longer. Your clients can confidently do without mascara after the treatment.