• Cashmere Lashes

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    Cashmere volume lashes for the perfect eye look

    Are you looking for artificial eyelashes for your customers that look even more sensual and shiny than your previous products? Lashes that make your counterpart sink in the deep black colour? Then you've come to the right place! Our Cashmere Volume Lashes are soft synthetic lashes in deep black with a silky matte sheen that are guaranteed to give your customers what they've been looking for.

    Silk and Mink Lashes combined in our Cashmere Lashes

    See for yourself the latest development from J&B Lashes: our first-class Cashmere volume lashes are made from a high-quality PBT fibre (PBT stands for polybutylene terephthalate), which combines the positive properties of the popular Silk and Mink Lashes. The special thing about this variation of the Cashmere volume lashes is that the proportion of silicone is reduced to a minimum. This gives the lashes a rougher surface, which ensures a better connection between the natural lash and the extension.

    Extra light Cashmere Lashes in best quality

    Our Cashmere Lashes convince with an excellent quality that is second to none. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, our Cashmere Volume Lashes are soft, extra light and retain their shape. By using Cashmere Volume Lashes from J&B Lashes, you guarantee your customers the best wearing comfort and thus generate satisfied customers who will fulfil their dream of a sensual eye look with you.

    The application is easy: The Cashmere volume lashes detach from the lash strip easily and without leaving any residue, so that fanning can be done even faster and more user-friendly.

    The Cashmere volume lashes from J&B Lashes have many convincing advantages:

    • Free from any blue color
    • Perfect adhesion due to the rougher surface
    • Deep black right to the tip
    • Silky matt sheen
    • The lashes come off super easy from the extra narrow adhesive strip

    In our Cashmere Volume Lashes category you can choose Deluxe Cashmere Volume Lashes in two different thicknesses. You can also choose the length and curl that is best for your clients.

  • Easy Fan Lashes

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    Easy Fan Lashes for the perfect lashes

    The Easy Fan Lashes from J&B Lashes in deep black matte make fanning out a simple task. With this type of lash extension, the base is pre-treated on the strip so that it remains closed when the lashes are pulled off. With the Easy Fan Lashes, 3D - 10 D fans can be created in seconds without eyelash glue. This has the great advantage that the treatment time is considerably reduced.

    Easy to use without eyelash glue

    When using Easy Fan Lashes, only high-quality synthetic fibres are used, which make the self-fanning artificial eyelashes super soft, extra light and particularly shape-retaining. In addition, the Easy Fan Lashes have an excellent quality and allow a professional and precise work. The special feature of the Easy Fan Lashes is that they form multidimensional compartments as soon as you hold them with the tweezers, so they can be applied immediately. The special adhesive strip prevents the lashes from falling apart when they are fanned at the base.

    Easy Fan Lashes, super light and comfortable to wear

    The artificial eyelashes from J&B Lashes are easy to apply and feel light and carefree to wear. The artificial lashes are available in the thicknesses 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm and in the colour matt black. As usual, choose the Easy Fan Lashes in C- or D-Curl and determine the length yourself. We provide this type of artificial eyelashes in lengths of 7mm-16mm or as a mix box.

    Do you have any questions about J&B Lashes products or would you like some advice? Then please contact us! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

  • HD Lashes

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  • Volumen Mink (Matte)

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    Buy high-quality Mink Lashes online now

    Mink Lashes are in contrast to the shiny Silk Lashes and are characterised by their mattness. The mesh eyelashes are made of a noble PBT fibre. During the production of the Mink Lashes, care is taken to reduce the amount of silicone to a minimum. This gives the Mink Lashes a rougher and matt surface, which ensures an optimal connection between the natural lash and the extension.

    Mink Lashes in different sizes

    Get the popular Mink Lashes in different sizes at J&B Lashes. In our category Volume Mink Lashes you will find the popular Mink Lashes in the sizes 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm.

    The Mink Lashes detach from the Winpern strip perfectly and without leaving any residue. This guarantees easy fanning. Your customers will love the Mink Lashes and the new look they create.

    Please note that the Mink Lashes from J&B Lashes are only suitable for professional use and should only be used by experienced eyelash stylists.

  • Volumen Silk (Glossy)

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    Great silk eyelashes for professional use

    Are you, as a qualified Lashes Stylist, looking for high-quality materials for the eyelash extensions of your customers? There are many different suppliers on the market, some of which use poor raw materials or the lashes are poorly processed. Of course, this has a negative effect on the look of your customers.

    The silk eyelashes from J&B Lashes, on the other hand, are made from a high-quality PBT fibre and coated with a thin layer of silicone. This gives our silk lashes their unique shine and elasticity.

    Ordering silk eyelashes made easy

    In our category Silk Lashes you will find high-quality Premium Volume Lashes in Soft Black or Deep Black Glossy and in different thicknesses and lengths.

    Professional eyelash extensions with silk eyelashes

    All our volume lashes from J&B Lashes are handmade and impress with their unmistakable shine and elasticity. The silk eyelashes are processed to a high quality and convince with their ultra-fine shape. The silk lashes can thus be applied without stressing the natural lashes. In addition, the silk eyelashes are extremely flexible and light as a feather. Your customers will feel it and benefit from the pleasant wearing comfort. The volume eyelashes can be worn until the natural eyelash hair falls out. However, we advise you to check the silk eyelashes after only three to four weeks with regard to durability and hold and to make corrections if necessary.

    Buy silk eyelashes online at a reasonable price

    You are convinced and would like to order your silk eyelashes? Then select the appropriate silk eyelashes and with just a few clicks, the silk eyelashes for professional eyelash extensions for your customers will be delivered to your home or directly to your beauty salon.

Volume eyelashes: The must-have for professional eyelash extensions.

An irresistible eye look and absolutely seductive looks – it’s all a question of the right eyelash cosmetics. Use the volume technique to conjure up thick, beautiful and full lashes in no time at all, create the perfect lash look and make your customers’ eyes sparkle. Our J & B Lashes volume lashes are the ideal tool for this task: with their extra curved and wonderfully soft lash hairs, they are guaranteed to create elegant, intense moments.

The volume technique for wonderfully thick lashes

While in the 1:1 eyelash extension each eyelash hair is applied individually to the natural eyelash, in the volume technique several artificial eyelashes are joined together in a fan. This fan is also applied to the natural lash – this fills out the lashes and makes them look significantly fuller. The big advantage: despite the higher density, volume lashes are very supple and soft, which makes for an all-round pleasant wearing comfort.

More radiant appearance thanks to volume eyelash extensions

It is no longer a secret that full eyelashes make you look young and attractive. But volume eyelashes can do so much more: they give your eyes a gorgeous sparkle and are available in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and curves – making for unique styles. No matter what your customers’ preferences are – with volume eyelashes, just about anything is possible. Whether you want a naturally beautiful or dramatic lash look, there are no limits to your creativity as an eyelash stylist.

What volume lash strengths are there?

Our volume lashes are available in the thicknesses 0.03 – 0.05 – 0.07 – 0.10 mm and the curvatures C, D and U. The length varies between 7 and 16 mm. The length varies between 7 and 16 mm – depending on individual needs. In addition to Cashmere Lashes, Mink Lashes and Silk Lashes, you can also buy a variety of other volume lashes from J & B Lashes – simply select the desired length and curl in the product selection.

Save time and increase sales with J & B Volume Lashes

Thick, curved lashes in the shortest possible time? No problem! With our volume eyelashes, you can conjure up seductively beautiful looks with new intensity in no time at all. Your advantage: You save a lot of capacity – after all, you don’t have to apply each eyelash hair individually. This means you have more time for your customers and can help even more ladies achieve a magical, elegant eye look every day.

Buy volume lashes at J & B Lashes

Our high quality volume lashes are extra light, keep their shape and retain their enchanting look for a long time. They are ideal for making natural lashes look fuller and more graceful.

Do you have any questions about our product selection or would you like individual advice on the subject of volume eyelashes? Then please contact us. As one of the leading experts in volume eyelashes, we will be happy to help you at any time.