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Premade fans – the right choice for your customers!

We recommend our lash fans for individual volume enhancement for your customers. Our fan-shaped lashes are ideal for the volume technique with natural results. The silk lashes offered can be purchased in different curl variations. Our shop also offers different volume typs and lash lengths so that you can always buy the lash fans that are most suitable and attractive for your customers.

Silk eyelashes – best quality for the beauty of your customers

Every customer is unique – that’s why you can always buy the individually fitting lash fans in our shop. Whether delicate 3D tufts to expressive fans with lashes with 10D grouping. With the high-quality silk lashes in different lengths, you can conjure up the perfect volumising technique on your customers’ eyelids. Whether you want a natural voluminous look for the eyelashes or strikingly large style lashes – with the lash fans that you can buy from us, you can easily create the unique look you want.

Knot-free and in different thicknesses – the premium premade fans at J&B Lashes.

No matter how unique your customers’ wishes are, with our fan-shaped eyelashes you can ideally respond to them. In deep black and in various lengths and thicknesses, your customers will have enchanting eye looks thanks to your skill. The synthetic silk eyelashes are extremely flexible. The wearing comfort is also impressive, because our eyelash tufts are as light as a feather. This gives you a unique result in feel-good quality. Your customers will love these premium lashes!

The curl variants are also individual. The lash fans are available in different curves, both D- and C-Curl.

The appropriate bend of the lash tuft ensures that the attached lashes last well and that the silk lashes fit in naturally.

In this way, the synthetic lashes adapt well to the natural lashes and do not strain them excessively. The result of the volumising technique thus emphasises the positive aspects of the existing eye shape and makes your customer radiate.

Perfectly presented, easy to apply, TOP result – Our fan-shaped eyelashes

For you as a lashes artist, our lash fans also offer the highest level of working comfort. You will find the tufted lashes clearly arranged on a card and attached in such a way that you can easily remove them with the tweezers. The eyelashes are very easy for you to apply. In this way, you can conjure up wonderfully full lashes on your customer in no time at all and always have the right different lash fans made of silk lashes to hand. Because you can only do a good job and win satisfied customers with professional, high-quality eyelash tufts.

Lashes and more supports your work in the studio with many more professional products. You will find glue, remover, cushions and tweezers as well as eyelash racks and more in our accessories category.