Payment Methods

Our exclusive J&B Lashes store makes shopping for your lashes and beauty salon an entertaining pleasure.

As comfortable as the selection of our high quality products for eyelash extensions and eyelash thickening was arranged, as pleasant we arrange the payment modalities.

For orders in our online store we offer you the choice to pay your invoice by

  • Prepayment (by bank transfer)
  • Cash on delivery
  • PayPal
  • instant bank transfer or
  • via credit card.

In the course of the payment process, we give you the possible payment methods to choose from. This way you can decide for each order which payment method is the right one for you at that moment.

We take the freedom to adjust the selection of payment methods at any time. However, the resulting changes will have no effect on orders that have already been completed.

Prepayment (by bank transfer)

If you decide to pay in advance, after completing your order process, you have the task of sending the invoice amount to us by bank transfer. As soon as the required amount has been credited to our account, we will ship the ordered goods to you.

Cash on delivery

Do you prefer to exchange goods and invoice amount step by step? For this we offer you the option to pay cash on delivery, i.e. you hand over the required invoice amount to the parcel carrier and in return you receive your goods in the J&B Lashes package. Afterwards the shipping company will forward the agreed amount to us.

Payment via PayPal

In order to use the secure online payment system PayPal, you will be automatically redirected to your PayPal account during the payment process. After your confirmation of the PayPal payment you complete your order in our J&B Lashes store. Your PayPal account will be debited immediately after the final order confirmation.

Instant bank transfer with Klarna

With Klarna we offer you a fast and convenient payment method to settle the invoice directly with your online banking data.
To do this, select your country and bank to initiate the transfer. Log in with your online banking data and confirm the purchase. Complete the payment using the TAN procedure agreed with your bank. We will receive a real-time transaction confirmation after the transfer is completed and process your order.

Payment by credit card

For credit card payments we accept Visa and Master Cards as well as credit cards from American Express and Diners Club.
For credit card payments, we ask you to enter the expiration date and credit card number at the end of your order. Your credit card will then be checked automatically and in encrypted form.

We are here for you if you have any questions

Do you have any questions about our payment methods or your order process in our J&B Lashes store? Then please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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