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    Eyelash glue - the guarantee for perfect durability.

    Full eyelashes make the eyes shine and give the face character. Whether you want a glamorous or natural eyelash look - artificial eyelashes are the ideal way to give looks more expressiveness. All that eyelash stylists need are the right eyelashes, high-quality eyelash care accessories and, of course, eyelash glue - after all, your customers should enjoy their new eyelashes for as long as possible.

    Expressive eyes and full eyelashes: it's all about the right eyelash glue.

    Artificial eyelashes conjure up fantastic effects, conceal drooping eyelids and make the face look young and fresh - provided, of course, that the right eyelash glue is used. It is not only important that the new eyelashes adhere optimally and that the natural eyelash hairs are protected as much as possible - health protection also plays a central role. Therefore, you should use an eyelash glue that has been tested according to the current European Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009). Products with this classification are harmless - both in terms of health and ecology.

    Eyelash glue - the be-all and end-all for professional eyelash styling

    In the meantime, there are countless eyelash adhesives on the market - and despite increasing demands, not all products deliver what they promise. The challenge of finding the right eyelash glue is correspondingly great - after all, as an eyelash stylist you bear a great responsibility. You not only have to protect the health of your customers, but also your own - and at the same time choose an eyelash glue that is of convincing quality.

    Buy your eyelash glue at J & B Lashes

    Do you attach great importance to quality and are you looking for high-quality eyelash glue for your beauty salon? Then it's a good thing you're at J & B Lashes - we offer top products at fair prices. Do you have any questions about our range or would you like individual advice? Then contact us - we will be happy to help you find the right eyelash glue.

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A breathtaking eye look with J & B Lashes

An eye look is usually worth a thousand words and an eye look with full and perfectly curved lashes is often the highlight of any conversation. J & B Lashes actively supports eyelash stylists in making women’s desire for curved and full lashes come true.

In our well-stocked online shop, you will find numerous products you need for professional eyelash extension or thickening and more. Would you like to expand your range of eyelash extensions, are you looking for new products or would you simply like to reorder what you have run out of? Then J & B Lashes is the right place for you.

Your reliable eyelash accessories shop

In addition to ready-made lash fans, you will also find all sizes of volume lashes, flat lashes and products for brow lifting. So that you can get started straight away, we naturally also provide you with the necessary accessories in our online shop.

To ensure that you, as a lashes stylist, have the best possible materials for treating your customers, we always ensure that our products are of the highest quality and offer excellent value for money – for maximum success and a great look.

Buy Lash Lifting products online

In this category you will find everything the lash stylist’s heart desires listed clearly and well sorted. In addition to the numerous products such as lash lifting accessories, you will also find the material for the popular Henna Brows as well as information about interesting training courses.

J & B Lashes is your online shop when it comes to buying materials for eyelash stylists who know their craft and are not prepared to compromise. Feel free to browse around and find what you are looking for in your eyelash supplies shop.