UV Eyelash Extension | Set Master | Lamp Black

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  • UV Led Power for a bombproof hold
  • foot switch (pedal extra quiet)
  • Immediately waterproof after treatment
  • Virtually no fumes
  • Complete hardening of the adhesive in 1-2 seconds
  • No sticking of the eyelashes
  • Almost no allergic reactions
  • Temperature and humidity are not relevant
  • Significantly shorter treatment time

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UV Eyelash Extension | Set Professional | Lamp Black

Welcome to the future of eyelash extensions.

We are pleased to introduce our revolutionary UV light system that will change the eyelash world forever. With our innovative technology, you can now perform eyelash extensions with UV light in record time and with unprecedented hold.

The UV LED Lamp Pro is the heart of our system. The extra quiet foot switch provides a pleasant working atmosphere and the adjustable light intensity as well as size of the light cone allow an individual adjustment to your needs. The casters with brakes guarantee maximum flexibility and easy mobility of the system. With this lamp you can cure a special eyelash glue with UV light. You apply artificial eyelashes on natural eyelashes as usual, press the foot switch and after 1-2 seconds the eyelash glue is completely cured. The result is a bombproof hold that lasts until the natural eyelash falls out if applied correctly.


UV eyelash glue for bombproof hold

Residual vapors as with conventional eyelash adhesives are a thing of the past. Season, humidity and room temperature no longer play a role. There is no longer a grace period with water/water vapor after application. The eyelashes can come into contact with water directly after treatment. With a success rate of up to 80% for allergy sufferers and the ability to last regardless of humidity and temperature, our UV adhesives are the perfect choice for your clients.

Our UV adhesives are a breeze to use. Plus, they are completely transparent and produce virtually no fumes. Dip the eyelash into the glue as usual and place the artificial eyelash on the natural eyelash. Now release the UV light for 1-2 seconds. After that, you can go directly to the next lash without fear of adhesions.

Say goodbye to classic eyelash adhesives, which often do not provide the desired hold and leave residual vapors.


Allergic reactions? Not with us!

We have fantastic news for all of you allergy sufferers! With our eyelash glue you can finally wear eyelashes again without having to worry about allergic reactions. Our extensive tests have shown that up to 80% of allergy sufferers tolerate our glue without any problems.

The secret lies in the composition of our glue. Unlike conventional eyelash adhesives, it does not contain carbon black, the black dye that often triggers allergic reactions. But that’s not all! Our glue cures 100% instantly, which means that all vapors are directly eliminated. Conventional eyelash adhesives, on the other hand, take up to 48 hours to dry completely. During this period, they continue to emit vapors, which can lead to allergic reactions.

Our eyelash glue is transparent and holds lashes securely in place. It is easy to apply and makes wearing eyelashes possible again for almost all allergy sufferers.



Place the UV lamp directly next to your treatment table. The casters with brakes guarantee maximum flexibility and easy mobility of the system.

The flexible neck can be adjusted according to your needs and wishes. This allows you to position the lamp directly next to your treatment table and adjust the lamp head to the optimal position. The distance from the lamp head to the eyelashes is about 10-15cm and must shine from above on the closed eye to be treated.

Now simply dip an eyelash into the glue, place it on a separated natural eyelash and press the foot switch. After only 1-2 seconds, the glue is 100% cured and you can move on to the next eyelash.



Our system is absolutely safe because there is no direct eye contact with the light. It is only important to make sure that neither you nor your customer look directly into the light. Our system shines from above onto the closed eyelid and never directly into the eye.

As a stylist, you also have no direct eye contact with the light and are additionally protected by our tested UV safety goggles. We recommend wearing the safety glasses, as additional protection.

To prevent the penetration of the skin of the UV rays to, the eye of the customer, we recommend the upper eyelid of the customer with black eye pads or black tape. This way you can be sure that your customer is 100% protected during the application.

Our product is safe, reliable and provides the best result. We are convinced that you and your customers will be satisfied with our system.


Content UV Eyelash Extension Set Professional:

1 x UV Lamp

1 x power adapter

1 x Extra quiet foot switch (pedal)

1x UV glue Pro S  5ml

1x UV goggles

10x Black eye pads

1x Black tape


Important Information:

  • Oil & water resistant
  • Humidity: irrelevant
  • Room temperature: irrelevant
  • Vapors: hardly present
  • Viscosity: liquid
  • Durability of the extensions:Until the natural lash falls out
  • Color: transparent
  • Shelf life unopened: 9 months
  • Shelf life after opening: 3 months (no contact with light/daylight/UV light)
  • Suitable for: Single lashes & Volume techniques & Finished fans
  • Removal of outgrown lashes as usual with the tweezers
  • Complete detachment: With an ordinary remover
  • Recommended glue bases: Glue rings or glue cups

Technical data lamp:

  • Color: black
  • Switch: foot switch (pedal extra quiet)
  • total height: approx. 210 cm
  • Lamp neck flexible: 70 cm
  • base on 5 casters with brake
  • base diameter: 58 cm
  • Power: 5 W
  • Wavelength: 395 nm
  • LED lamp life: approx. 50,000 hours
  • UV light intensity: adjustable
  • UV light diameter: adjustable
  • Lamp head: 360° rotatable and 180° swiveling
  • Extra long power cable: approx. 288 cm
  • Foot pedal cable: approx. 196 cm


Only for professional, commercial use.

We recommend the use in the following contraindications, only after consultation with the responsible doctor of the customer:
Epilepsy, chemotherapy, pregnant/breastfeeding customers, in case of inflammation, injury, skin diseases in the treatment area and after surgical procedures.



Unlimited warranty applies for one year for manufacturer defect and functional impairment.


With our UV-Light System, you finally have the opportunity to take your eyelash extensions to a new level and enjoy a bombastic hold. Trust us and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Do you have any questions about our products? No problem, we will advise you and help you with pleasure!

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