UV-Lamp Premium | Eyelash Extensions | Black

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  • Latest UV LED technology
  • Precise UV light cone without scattering the UV light
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Adjustable light diameter
  • Interchangeable light module (Plug & Play)
  • Interchangeable foot switch (Plug & Play)
  • 1 x foot pedal – Choose your favorite pedal! Click pedal or extra quiet foot switch (pedal)
  • Tripod castors with brakes
  • CE certified
  • Photobiologically tested according to EN62471




UV-Lamp Premium | Eyelash Extensions | Black

With our latest UV LED technology, we offer you the perfect UV light system for efficient and fast curing of your UV adhesive. Thanks to the precise UV light cone, which does not cause the UV light to scatter, the energy is completely applied to the adhesive area. This allows you to achieve optimum curing in even less time.

Another advantage of our UV lamp Premium is the adjustability of light diameter and light intensity. You can adjust the diameter and intensity of the UV light to suit your individual requirements. This gives you maximum flexibility in use.

The stand castors with brakes ensure easy handling and mobility. You can easily move the product from one place to another and fix it securely in place when you need it. You can use this lamp to cure a special eyelash glue with UV light. You apply artificial eyelashes to natural eyelashes as usual, press the foot switch and after 1 – 2 seconds the eyelash glue is completely hardened. The result is a bomb-proof hold that lasts until the natural lashes fall out if used correctly.

Choose your personal favorite footswitch

Choose the right pedal for your needs – the click footswitch or the extra quiet footswitch! The robust click foot control impresses with its flat design, which allows your ankle to work comfortably. Our extra quiet foot control, on the other hand, ensures a pleasantly quiet working environment. Making decisions can sometimes be difficult. But with our accessories for UV systems, you no longer have any problems. Because you can order additional pedals at any time. Whether you need a replacement pedal or simply want to try out different options, we have the solution for you.



Place the UV lamp directly next to your treatment table. The casters with brakes guarantee maximum flexibility and easy mobility of the system.

The flexible neck can be adjusted according to your needs and wishes. This allows you to position the lamp directly next to your treatment table and adjust the lamp head to the optimal position. The distance from the lamp head to the eyelashes is about 10-15cm and must shine from above on the closed eye to be treated.

Now simply dip an eyelash into the glue, place it on a separated natural eyelash and press the foot switch. After only 1-2 seconds, the glue is 100% cured and you can move on to the next eyelash.



Our UV light system is CE certified and has been photobiologically tested in accordance with EN62471. We therefore guarantee the highest safety standards and ensure the protection of your and your customers’ health.

Our system is absolutely safe as there is no direct eye contact with the light. It is only important to ensure that neither you nor your customer are looking directly into the light. Our system shines from above onto the closed eyelid and never directly into the eye.

As a stylist, you also have no direct eye contact with the light and are additionally protected by our tested UV safety goggles. We recommend wearing the safety goggles as additional protection.

To prevent the UV rays from penetrating the client’s skin to the eye, we recommend covering the client’s upper eyelid with black eye pads or black tape. This way you can be sure that your client is 100% protected during the application.

Overall, our UV lamp offers outstanding performance in terms of efficiency, precision and ease of use. Convince yourself of our innovative features and make your work easier when it comes to eyelash extensions.

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Content UV Eyelash Extension Set Professional:

1 x UV Lamp

1 x Power adapter

1 x foot pedal – Choose your favorite pedal! Click pedal or extra quiet foot switch (pedal)


Technical data lamp:

  • Color: black
  • Switch: Foot switch (pedal)
  • Flexible lamp neck: 70 cm
  • Base on 4 castors with brake
  • Base diameter: 32 cm
  • Power: 5 W
  • Wavelength: 395 nm
  • Service life of the LED light: approx. 30,000 hours
  • UV light intensity: adjustable
  • UV light diameter: adjustable
  • Extra long power cable: approx. 200 cm


Only for professional, commercial use.

We recommend the use in the following contraindications, only after consultation with the responsible doctor of the customer:
Epilepsy, chemotherapy, pregnant/breastfeeding customers, in case of inflammation, injury, skin diseases in the treatment area and after surgical procedures.



Unlimited warranty applies for one year for manufacturer defect and functional impairment.


With our UV-Light System, you finally have the opportunity to take your eyelash extensions to a new level and enjoy a bombastic hold. Trust us and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Do you have any questions about our products? No problem, we will advise you and help you with pleasure!

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Weight 8 kg

UV lamp Premium with "click" foot switch, UV lamp Premium with extra quiet foot switch


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