10D | 0.05 Premade Fan Lashes | Sharp Base | 120 pieces

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Sharp Base 10D 0.05 fans with an extra narrow base.

The lashes are available from 8 mm – 15 mm and in the Mix Box.

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High quality premade fan lashes with an extra narrow base

Create voluminous and breathtaking lash looks for your customers in no time at all, which will inspire you for a long time.

The premade fan lashes from J&B Lashes can be applied directly to the natural lashes to generate more volume in the lashes. A great advantage of the volume technic is that an even stronger and more voluminous eyelash extension is achieved, which creates a multidimensional effect.

Featherweight premade fan lashes with great wearing comfort

Our Flare Lashes give your customers an eye look that will leave them speechless. The premade fans with 10D lashes are ideal as eyelash extensions. The synthetic silk lashes are ultra-fine and therefore extremely gentle on the natural lashes. The premade eyelash fans convince with highest flexibility and are also light as a feather. Due to the high-quality processing, we guarantee the best wearing comfort and easy application. The removal of the lash fans is very simple. The lashes come off easily and without residue from the glue strip and are therefore particularly user-friendly.

Premade fan lashes in different sizes

You can get the premade fan lashes in the C-Curl or D-Curl and of course also determine the length. The lashes are available from 8 mm – 15 mm and in the Mix Box.

The Mix Box contains the following sizes:

1 line 8mm, 1 line 9mm, 2 lines 10mm, 2 lines 11mm,

2 lines 12mm, 1 line 13mm, 1 line 14mm, 1 line 15mm.


The extra thin 0.05 thickness allows a full, yet subtle volume look. Your customers benefit from a bushy eyelash look that does not look artificial. A natural look is a particular concern for almost all customers. Thanks to the professional processing of the lash fans from Lashes and More, you are guaranteed to fulfill your customers’ wishes.

Premade eyelash fans for an optimal volume look

These premade fan lashes are perfect for customers with weak natural lashes. The extra thin 0.05 thickness of the lash fans allows for a full, but at the same time fine and delicate volume look. Our 10D fan lashes, which belong to the category of tufted lashes, are suitable for professional lash extensions by professional lash stylists. This type of eyelash thickening is perfect for clients whose lashes are naturally very fine. The individual lash fans consist of 10 individual hairs each, which have been processed into an eyelash fan.

How long will the premade fan lashes last?

The silk lashes last on the natural lashes with proper care until the natural hair falls out. However, we recommend your clients to have their eyelashes refilled already after three to four weeks in order to keep the density and length the same.


These are lashes for professional use that should only be processed by trained lash stylists.

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Weight N/A

C-Curl, D-Curl


8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, Mix 8-15mm


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