Lashbed | Memory foam wave mattress | velvet black

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  • Mattress core made of memory foam
  • available in two sizes
  • Size 1: 180 x 60 cm
  • size 2: 190 x 70 cm
  • available in ten different colors
  • robust double seams on the velour cover
  • velvety shiny velour fabric with non-slip underside
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Wave mattress for deep relaxing eyelash and brow treatments

You offer your customers more than just eyelash extensions or a lash lift! In your studio you offer relaxation, an open ear and relaxing feel-good moments.

Increase this service and give your clients true deep relaxation by making them feel like they are on clouds on the Wave mattress made of memory foam.

On this mattress, your clients will gently doze during the treatment and keep their eyes closed almost 100%, so you can work nimble and clean.


Dimensions and properties of the anatomical mattress

Cozy, chic and comfortable, these are three characteristics that make up the anatomical mattresses in our online store.

They are made of first-class memory foam and are suitable for massage and beauty beds with a lying surface of 180 x 60 cm and 190 x 70 cm.

The mattress core is covered by a removable white protective cover. This protective cover, in turn, is covered with a rugged colored velvet glossy fabric. This can also be removed and washed at 30 °C, just like the white cover.

To prevent slipping on the couch in the eyelash studio, the underside of the velour cover has been provided with a non-slip coating.

To be able to integrate the Wave mattress into your eyelash studio as a harmonious eye-catcher or style-breaking element, we offer ten different colors for the mattress cover.

Now it’s up to you to decide between harmony and contrast.


The features of the memory foam mattress at a glance

  • Mattress core made of memory foam
  • available in two sizes
  • Size 1: 180 x 60 cm
  • size 2: 190 x 70 cm
  • available in ten different colors
  • robust double seams on the velour cover
  • velvety shiny velour fabric with non-slip underside

The replacement cover to the anatomical mattress

Velour is velvety soft, washable at 30 °C and dries quickly, but we still advise a replacement cover for your anatomical mattress for cosmetic couches.

You have certainly also experienced that despite all caution, every now and then a mishap happens. Before you know it, a mud crumb from your shoe or a drop of tea or coffee leaves stains on your Wave mattress. With a replacement cover, you don’t have to hope for an early closing time and indulgent customer eyes; you can remove the stained cover and replace it with a clean one.

It is best to put it in the shopping cart right away with the anatomical mattress.


Elegant couch cover for the massage couch in your lash studio.

Adapted to the dimensions of the beauty couch and your needs as a lash stylist, the couch cover has a fabric cutout at one end so that you can sit comfortably at the head end of the couch and work as usual.


So that nothing wobbles and slips, inconspicuous plastic rings are included in the delivery. You place the couch feet in these after wrapping them in the sheet.


Simply throw over

The handling of the high-quality couch cover is similar to a fitted sheet. The best way to start is to put the couch cover on the lying surface of the cosmetic couch. Spread the velour fabric over the entire surface of the bed. When doing so, make sure that the recess for your legs is located at the head end of the couch.

Then fix each of the four corners of the fabric to the feet of the couch with a transparent plastic ring.

Last but not least, place the Wave mattress on the couch surface and et voilà: you’re done.


When removing the couch cover, proceed in reverse order.


Couch cover na logo!

Your covered beauty couch will give your salon a new shine and set accents. You can enhance this by having your logo printed on the sides.

We have selected Parter Beauty advertising professional for this service, which offers excellent quality printing techniques and inks, so that the high-quality print of your studio logo forms a resistant bond with the fibers of the velour of your couch cover.

Even when machine washed up to 30°C, the bond remains intact. (Wash inside out in a laundry bag).

Immediately after receiving your couch cover, please contact our printing partner on WhatsApp (CHAT) : +49 1520 3590883 or write an e-mail to

You send the new cover – after prior consultation – directly to the print production and receive your individually finished logo cover back within approx. 10 working days.

The price for a double-sided logo print, centered on the sides of the cover, is 125 € incl. VAT plus 9,50 € shipping costs.
We offer this printing service exclusively for customers from Germany.


The ideal combination

Just like our anatomical mattresses, these couch covers are available in ten different colors. You have the same choice of colors as for the Wave mattresses, so you can either cover the lounger and mattress tone in tone or choose different colors for both components.


Dimensions and colors of the couch cover

Harmony in the salon ensures relaxation and well-being. We know very well how much the interior influences it and that is why we offer you the couch covers in ten different colors.

So you are sure to find the right shade for your lash studio.


Dimensions for the couch cover

  • Size 1: 180 x 60 cm
  • Size 2: 190 x 70 cm
  • Lounger height: up to 70 cm


Care tips for your Wave mattress

Visible and invisible dirt on the cover of your Wave mattress are quickly washed away. With the help of the smooth-running zipper and a few simple steps, you can quickly remove the cover and replace it with a second cover.

After a wash cycle at 30 °C and a short drying time, the mattress cover is ready for the next use.


The perfect duo

For optimal protection and hygienic cleanliness, we recommend the vinyl mattress protector. A little detergent and lukewarm water on a cloth are the few tools you need to prepare the head and foot area of your Wave mattress for your next customer.



The little table to set

Be as good to yourself as you are to your clients!

With the purchase of this memory foam mattress for your Lash Studio you enhance the visit to you enormously. Use the optionally available acrylic display, so that they also have it comfortable. Thus, you have all the necessary utensils for your work always at hand and save valuable time.


Buy the comfortable Wave mattress with memory foam at J&B Lashes

From the J&B Lashes online store you are used to the best quality for all products around the eyelash and brow styling, you can also count on our products for your styling studio. Likewise with this comfortable mattress for the couch in your eyelash studio. Also flirt with the occasion with the matching couch cover to the comfortable mattress.

Are there still questions about the Wave mattress or any other of our products? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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Replacement cover mattress, mattress + mattress cover, mattress + mattress cover + couch cover, mattress + mattress cover + couch cover + vinyl protection + acrylic display


180cm x 60cm, 190cm x 70cm


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