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Buy high-quality Mink Lashes online now

Mink Lashes are in contrast to the shiny Silk Lashes and are characterised by their mattness. The mesh eyelashes are made of a noble PBT fibre. During the production of the Mink Lashes, care is taken to reduce the amount of silicone to a minimum. This gives the Mink Lashes a rougher and matt surface, which ensures an optimal connection between the natural lash and the extension.

Mink Lashes in different sizes

Get the popular Mink Lashes in different sizes at J&B Lashes. In our category Volume Mink Lashes you will find the popular Mink Lashes in the sizes 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm.

The Mink Lashes detach from the Winpern strip perfectly and without leaving any residue. This guarantees easy fanning. Your customers will love the Mink Lashes and the new look they create.

Please note that the Mink Lashes from J&B Lashes are only suitable for professional use and should only be used by experienced eyelash stylists.